SOGO 新食器時代4.0 減塑減廢更安心 New Era of Tableware


SOGO aims to establish the “leading green department stores in Asia”. In 2017, SOGO launched the “New Era of Tableware” project. Through applying its “marketing power” and “platform power”, SOGO targets to change consumers’ tableware using habits step by step and ultimately abandon disposable tableware, reduce waste, and relieve Earth’s environmental burden.

  • 1st Stage: The first department stores in Taiwan to dispose melamine tableware in food courts, restaurants and staff canteens, meanwhile banning disposable tableware for customers eating in, two years before regulations. (Since April, 2017~)
  • 2nd Stage: Invites customers to join “Zero Waste Eating” with bringing their own tableware, leaving as little waste as possible. (Since July, 2018~)
  • 3rd Stage:Bans plastic straws completely. (Since May, 2019~)
  • 4th Stage: Stops providing disposable utensils for customers to go, ahead of policies (Since August, 2019~). Reduces plastic packaging in supermarkets and designs Eco-friendly gifts, successfully reducing waste.