守護員工與社區健康 SOGO打造幸福職場力


守護員工與社區健康 SOGO打造幸福職場力  Ensuring the well-being of employees and the community to create a happy workplace

SOGO focuses on four aspects, “workplace safety”, “health care”, “mental development”, and “employee benefits”, ensuring the well-being of employees and the community. Moreover, through persistently rigorous safety checks and drills with in-depth employee training, SOGO creates a safe and happy workplace for employees to better provide high-quality service.

  • Workplace Safety:Long-term promoter of comprehensive workplace safety. SOGO held the “AED&CPR First-aid Training” participated by thousands of people, signed contracts with vendors regarding workplace safety, and regularly holds occupational safety and health training.
  • Health Care: Received the first “Exercise Enterprise Certification Award” among competitors, hires professional fitness instructors to design health management programs and provide personal instructions, designs graded health examinations, and offers courses accordingly.
  • Mental Development: Arranges different courses quarterly to fulfill employees’ mental needs.
  • Employee Benefits: Holds domestic and international company trips annually, and subsidize clubs formed by employees (with subsidy 33% higher since 2019).